Ways to Support Me

Here’s some ways you can support me on my various platforms!


On Twitch, you can support me by following my channel!

If you’d like to go the extra mile (all optional of course), my channel is affiliated! From £/$3.99 per month, you can become a Subscriber and gain access to additional community perks! Including, but not limited to, a Discord rank, emojis to use in channel broadcasts, discounts off of merch, and more!


On YouTube, you can support me by subscribing to my channel and turning on notifications. It’s free!


I am an Amazon affiliate! Check out my storefront! Any products purchased on my storefront will earn me a small commission.

As well as this, if you sign up for a free thirty day trial of Amazon Prime using this link, I’ll earn a small commission too.


Merch is now available! My store contains a range of products, from stickers, to shirts, to hoodies and snapbacks! Check out my merch store!


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Throne Wishlist

Throne is the go-to site I use for anyone who wants to go that extra mile. It’s a privacy-focused wish list, where you can help crowdfund equipment upgrades which’ll all be used in my content! Click here to visit my Throne wish list!