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Fall Guys is already the best game of 2020, if not the decade

I wish I was kidding when I say that I believe Fall Guys has already claimed the top spot for Game of the Decade. It is a game which claimed many hours of my time during its limited time beta, and a game which felt completely replayable with the same format, same levels, and same content for each 10-15 minute long game.

Honestly these little Fall Guys are so lovable!

But what is Fall Guys?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a cute and intense 60 player gameshow. Some could call it a Battle Royale in a way, where 60 players must fight it out through a course of minigames to become the ultimate victor and fight for the golden crown.

When describing it to friends and viewers of my content, I’ve been saying “Imagine Fall Guys to be the lovechild of Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout, but cartoony and bright and colourful”. I think that’s pretty accurate. Fall Guys of various colours, patterns and sizes all with various costumes waddle their way through courses attempting to qualify for the next round.

It’s jam packed, it’s intense, it’s comical, and it gives you that adrenaline rush you need without even needing to leave the comfort of your own gaming chair, or in my case, the IKEA chair that’s seen much better days.

Fall Guys – The Minigames

There are various minigames which you’ll instantly recognise without even playing the game. One of the popular minigames is Door Dash – a very common game starter.

Directly inspired by a similar game from Takeshi’s Castle, you and your opponents must both work with each other and race each other at the same time to find the destructible doors and not the fake doors, smashing through each door until you reach the very end.

There, you must make a mad dash over the finishing line – sometimes with a leap, sometimes with a flood of tears as one guy finishes milliseconds before you can, eliminating you from the game.

Other popular Fall Guys minigames includes Dizzy Heights – a map involving a lot of spinning objects, See Saw – very self explanatory, and very rage inducing, Tip Toe – work with your opponents to find the real path to the finish line, and one of my favourites, Fruit Chute – where you must race to the finish line in a “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’s Celebrity Cyclone” fashion as fruit is launched towards your Fall Guy.

Sound interesting? You can watch a replay of one of my streams where I played the Fall Guys beta here. It’s extremely energetic and that easily reflected in the stream’s atmosphere. There were loads of people all sharing the same love for Fall Guys as me.

My Opinion

If it wasn’t clear, I love Fall Guys. I’ve sank many hours into it and now that the full game has been released on both PC and PS4, no doubt I will be sinking many many more hours into it, attempting to secure the golden crown and complete the battle pass to get all of the adorable costumes. With a party size of four it’s easy to get all of my friends involved… more because I probably only have around three friends compared to most people… but that’s besides the point.

And there’s a very active Fall Guys community Discord which can be joined to find fellow players who can play with you, as well as receive direct support from the developers. All for the low price of around £16 / $20! You can pick it up on steam by following this link, while you can pick it up on PS4 for free by subscribing to the PlayStation Now game pass.

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