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FraserIRL raises £2,200+ for Prostate Cancer UK

In his annual BIG Christmas Giving Stream, FraserIRL, also known as Fraser Johnson, raised over £2,200 from various generous donors for Prostate Cancer UK – a new personal record!

Fraser set out to use his annual BIG Christmas stream for giving purposes in 2021, opting to raise some money for Prostate Cancer UK. He chose Prostate Cancer UK as a year ago he lost my grandad to Covid-19, which he contracted while in the hospital battling prostate cancer. Fraser’s grandad was a big supporter of Fraser’s content online, regularly asking “how well are you doing online” now and being proud when Fraser talked about anything he had achieved or done as a result of broadcasting and content creation online. To Fraser, it made perfect sense to raise money for him in this way.

Thanks to the generosity of various donors, notably BigCheeseKIT with Tiltify in the “Claus My Cause” Christmas campaign, Fraser quickly raised over £2,200 in only 3 hours of broadcasting to his Twitch channel.

If you would like to donate, please click here to navigate to the donation page.

You can also view the archive of his broadcast below.

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