Hello FraserIRL!

This is it! This is the start of a new beginning of my career broadcasting online. Introducing… FraserIRL!

Ever since I thought of rebranding, I’ve always wanted something personal. For the longest of times, I’ve been pushing to get various personal usernames across social media platforms. Some will notice that I accidentally changed my TikTok name to “@fraserj”, but decided to keep it. This was an accident as I wanted to see if it was available, but I liked it.

It’s been a rocky road trying to get a username that was available on multiple mainstream platforms, but this is it.

What does it mean?

It’s made up of two parts – “Fraser” and “IRL”.

Fraser – Well that’s my name. Given it at birth. Pretty self explanatory really.

IRL – In Real Life. I chose this because I’ve really moved away from creating gaming videos over the last year or so, opting to create more personal/creative videos using myself and real life creative content instead as I really enjoyed creating them. I’ve still maintained the gaming streams as it’s a fun way to interact with the community, but I fell out of touch with gaming videos. So it feels completely natural and right to put the popular “IRL” alias after my name! That and I haven’t found anyone else who’s done it, so it feels unique 🙂

Out with the old…?

So what’s going to happen to “iVexusHD”? Farewell, au revoir, adios. I will keep the username on platforms where I can’t change it, and I will also attempt to claim the username as a “redirection” username to point people to my new FraserIRL name for as long as I can. But when sites believe my redirection account falls foul of the inactive account policy, it can be claimed back. Someone else can have it.

iVexusHD was a username I thought of back in 2012. The main driving force behind it? I wanted an “x” in my name. An X. That was it. I can’t remember how I got to Vexus, I think I saw the word “Nexus” somewhere, probably from the game WildStar or the phone, and put a V there instead because it looked cool. Of course “Vexus” alone wasn’t available on YouTube, so I then put the “i” in front of the name because it looked cool. “iVexus” also wasn’t available on YouTube, so taking inspiration from a Minecraft streamer whose username was “SynHD”, I also added HD to the end of my name and thus “iVexusHD” was born. I’ve always liked this name, but it feels dated and was something I thought of in my teenage years.

Final Thoughts

As I grow as a person and want to improve my online appearance, I decided it’s time to move on. It’s time to reclaim the “personal” feel to my online username, and brush it up so it doesn’t have the impression of a 2012 teen gamer. Hopefully with this I will also reclaim some of my online creation motivation. I’m currently hosting a weekly podcast with Kai, and also broadcast to YouTube on at least a weekly basis. It’s time to expand. I really want to bring back a video upload schedule, and I can’t wait to start.

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